A few weeks ago we were talking with Tiamat Invictuz , singer and guitarrist of the Sweden black metal band Wormlight, about their last realese and the band's future plans.

Here is the complete intervew.

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- Hi guys and welcome to thedrinktim.es!! With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?

Tiamat Invictuz. Vocalist and guitarist of Wormlight.

- So, when did you actually start playing music, what was the reason to pick up an instrument and have there been any bands prior to WORMLIGHT for any one of you?

When I began my musical career I wanted to be a  vocalist, and soon I was asked to join a band called Apocalyst back in 2008/09. Apocalyst split in 2010, in its  absence, I  started playing bass and then guitar to be able to write my own material. Two years later me and Arktos formed Sons Ov Omega to fill the void. And we have been active since and recently released our debut album “Reign”. Sons Ov Omega has been a creative outlet and a forum to improve my playing and music writing. In early 2015 I was asked by Arktos to join, what is now Wormlight.

- “An Ancient Enemy" is your first work, isn't it? Did you have to finance the recordings on your own? I guess so...Anyway, tell us a bit more about the origin of that EP and the four songs which are featured on it.

It was the first and I know that they recorded the Ep, in a home studio, at a friend of the old band. As the Ep was released before my time I don't know what visions they had for the Ep. The lyrics have an anti Christianity theme throughout the Ep, a theme that continued on the old tracks that were recorded on the “Bloodfields” Ep and then perished.

- Have you already been playing many shows in your area at that time? What kind of response did you get from the people, due to the fact that you were still a brand-new and therefore very unknown act?

We have done quite a few local shows. The band hadn’t performed live before I joined, so at the time of our first show I was already on the vocals. We have gotten a positive response so far, and more support from show to show. On the first show we played  tracks from “An Ancient Enemy”, but has since then built the set lists with new material, that will be released on our upcoming album.

- How would you describe "Bloodfields" in comparison to "An Ancient Enemy"? Did you change anything in terms of your songwriting or the production?

When I joined the band I took up the role as the main song writer, as well  as the guitar. I had only been in the band for a few weeks when we entered the studio to record “Bloodfields”. This Ep can be seen as a transition, as two of the tracks are old material that were written before my time in the band, and the tracks “Wormlight” and “The Bloodfields” are tracks I had written during my short time in the band. And as I did both the music and the lyrics, there's naturally a difference in the writing process. “Bloodfields” was also recorded in a professional studio compared to “An Ancient Enemy” which enhances the production greatly.

- Please tell us what are they lyrics about on the EP "Bloodfields”, who is the author and how were they made?

I  wrote the lyrics for the tracks “Wormlight” and “The Bloodfiels”. I had begun spawning on them before I joined the band, during studies on different occult subjects. The first track is in essence a metaphor of the true sight, to see clearly in the darkest of lights. While the latter is a text centered around the rebirth of Cain, the awakening of his true nature. To follow the same path and to walk in his shadow.

The other two tracks, “Pitch Black Hatred” and “Towards Impious Domination” is written by King, whom have a vast knowledge of history, so I assume that is what has inspired him in the process of writing the lyrics.

- This stuff was re-released by Swedish Black Lion Records. How did you get to work with this label and are you satisfied with their work so far?

Since we operate in the same town and our paths have crossed in the past, it was easy for us to arrange a meeting and discuss plans for the re-release and for the future. Wormlight will release our first full-length album through Black Lion as well.

- Who did the EP´s cover for "Bloodfields"? What about “An Ancient Enemy”?

The cover of “Bloodfields” is based on a photo, taken by my predecessor Nordlyst. It was then edited by T.Nagurufa, whom also made the cover for “An Ancient Enemy”.

- All of you use your nicknames (Tiamat Invictuz, Arktos, Latormortis and King Antichrist). What actually made you choose those kinda names? What inspired your individual choices in that department?

I cannot remember when I took the name Tiamat Invictuz, it has been with me for as long as I can remember. It’s like a second skin. Tiamat, being the monstrous embodiment ofprimordial  chaos. Lator Mortis was inspired  by necromancy, I don't know the motivation for King and Arktos.

 - What's your opinion about the Death, Thrash and Black Metal of the 90s? Do you still enjoy it? Any new(er) band(s) you like?

I do enjoy much of the music from the 90s and newer. The music I listen to depends on situation and mood. And if I'm in the process of writing my own material I tend to narrow down the music I listens to. Both to be able to write the music without unwanted influence, and to be able to clear my head when I'm done with the sessions. I despise quiet, so there is always music in my presence, given the possibility.

- Now please respond five quick questions and choose between:

-Bathory, Marduk or Watain.

I think I’ll pick Watain.

-Köttbullar, Thai Restaurant or Surströmming. 

Köttbullar, not as metal as fermented fish,but still.

-Satan, Odin or Karl X Gustav?

Satan, even though the King is worthy of worship.

-Per Yngve Ohlin "Dead"(R.I.P.), Jon Nödtveidt(R.I.P.) or Quorthon(R.I.P.).

Jon Nödtveidt, whitout hesitation.

-Snaps, Lättöl or Vodka.


- Have you already started working on new material in the meantime? When can we expect to hear brand-new stuff of you guys? I think you're working on a new album or Am I wrong?

Indeed. The guitars have been recorded and I'm in the process of recording the vocals now. We will reveal the title of the album as soon as the artwork is done. We are planning for it to be released this year,  so hopefully we can stick to that plan.

- That's all folks!! Thank you so much!! Anything else we might have missed out here, which you'd like to add?

My pleasure. Even though we are in the midst of recording an album we are writing new material for a future release, so people can expect more to come.