Few weeks ago we've spoken about “City of Heroes”, the brand new album of Kiske & Somerville. Today, FelipeSM bring us his interview with Amanda Somerville.



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First of all, thanks a lot for your time Amanda.
We’re here to talk about “City of Heroes”, your new album with Michael Kiske after five years. Why now? Why have you waited so long to release this second album?

Thanks for your interest! Sometimes, good things take a while. :-)
Honestly, we were all so busy with our own projects that it simply took this long to coordinate everyone’s schedules for the songwriting, recordings, videos and release.

Tell us, what will find the fans in “City of Heroes”?

I hope that they’ll appreciate it for what it is: an emotional and in general uplifting album that’s more rock than metal and is pretty straightforward. This is us doing what we love to do and having fun doing it!

If I’m honest, I've enjoyed more this record than the debut album. The sound, the songs… What do you think that could be the reason?

Well, progress is always good and I’m glad you think we’ve gotten better at what we’re doing together!
I believe it’s just a more mature album because the entire team knows more what to expect from one another. Michael and I have worked together closely and in person for several years now, also touring with Avantasia. Mat and I have also worked a lot together on various projects, including the Rock Meets Classic tours. I think the “machine” is simply more well-oiled and that adds to everything.

Michael and you are the main characters of this project, but I know that there are some big names behind you. Can you introduce the rest of the band who’s made possible “City of Heroes”?

Mat Sinner produced and wrote most of the songs, along with Magnus Karlsson - a super-talented Swedish songwriter, guitarist and more. Mat also played bass - he’s a go-getter who really gets things done and does them well. I’ve always enjoyed our partnerships!!
My husband, Sander Gommans (HDK, ex-After Forever) co-wrote the song “Breaking Neptune” and played guitars on that.
Veronika, who played drums, is a talented Czech girl who has toured with Mat and me in Rock Meets Classic the past few years as the percussionist for the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Prague.
All very talented people!

Besides your labor as singer, have you been involved in the songwriting/production of this album?

“Breaking Neptune” is the only song that I wrote for this album, together with my husband, Sander. I had some creative freedom with Mat & Magnus’s songs, but they did the lion’s share of the songwriting.


I really enjoy “Last Goodbye”, “Ocean of Tears” and “Lights Out”. But, what are your favorite songs?

I’m bad with “favorite” questions because I can never decide! Besides, it all depends on my mood, so whatever I say today could be different again tomorrow. I love all the songs!

I've read that you’re pregnant (best wishes for all of you), so maybe this question will answer by itself. Will you tour with this album?

Thank you! Yes, Sander & I are very excited.
Honestly, touring with this album wouldn’t have anything to do with my pregnancy or coming motherhood. I would sincerely hope that we can bring the songs in front of a live audience at some point, but Michael and I are simply so busy with other things that it’s really hard to say if / when we’d ever be able to do that.
Never say never!

Let’s talk about something a bit different. You’ve worked in many project and with many bands, most of the times great ones like Avantasia, Epica, Kamelot or Edguy. Which project/band did you enjoy work the most?

Again, it’s hard to answer “favorite” questions, but I have to say that Avantasia is very special to me.

Foto: Eddi Bachmann

If I’m not wrong, you joined Avantasia the first time in “Lost in Space”, but we can see you in “The Flying Opera” DVD singing “Farewell”, one of the most iconic songs of “The Metal Opera”. Would had you liked to be part of the Avantasia first albums?

I didn’t know anything about Avantasia or the metal scene in general back when those albums came out! This is something I’ve had to grow into and everything happened the way it was meant to, so I wouldn’t change anything.

Nowadays, you’re associated with the metal music. But in the beginnings you used to play pop music. What or who made you change to your actual music genre?

I haven’t switched over at all, I’ve only added onto my repertoire and experience and expanded my taste. I still write pop / rock / folk music and will always continue in that vein when it comes to my solo albums.

What are your future plans? Maybe a new album with Trillium?

Currently, I’m working on a new solo album, then a new Trillium album will be up after that. Plus everything else that always comes up with other bands and projects, both as a guest performer and as a songwriter / producer / coach / engineer, etc. Fortunately, I don’t have a lack of work!

Have you ever thought on publish an “Amanda Somerville Greatest Hits”? I mean, an album with your ten or fourteen favorite songs from your projects and bands.

Haha! I’m busy enough with everything else that I’m doing, I don’t really have time to think about revisiting previous works. :-)

That’s all, thanks again for your time; it's been a real pleasure. If you want to say some words to your Spanish fans, this is the perfect moment...

Gracias! I hope to see you again in your beautiful country!


Interview by FelipeSM